Dilmah Premium Tea String Tag (2g x 50s)


Dilmah Premium Quality 100% Pure Ceylon Tea has a finely balanced richness, a full flavour, and an authentic taste. It is a single origin tea from Ceylon in Sri Lanka and it is grown and packaged ethically at origin. Dilmah tea is packaged within days of picking the fresh leaf to maximize flavour and preserve its naturally high levels of antioxidants.

Brewing Guide:
1) Place one tea bag per serving into the cup.
2) Pour hot boiling water directly onto the tea bag, 200 -220ml per serving
3) Stir to allow the tea in the bag to infuse the flavour, stir again after a minute.
4) Brew the tea bag for a minimum of 3 minutes (5 minutes, for a strong flavour), then stir and remove the bag to serve.

Store in dry and cool place.

Country Of Origin:
Sri Lanka