Gryphon Sparkling Tea (Earl Grey, Lavender with Strawberry) 300ml


Gryphon Tea's Artisan Earl Grey Lavender re-imagined at its finest - a beloved blend considered as one of the most approachable types of tea in the tea world. Earl Grey’s distinct floral, yet citrusy profile from Calabrian Bergamot gives it a remarkable versatility in all variations, and makes the most enthralling drink when infused with sweet strawberries and natural cane sugar. The perfect treat for your senses with a touch of light bubbles!

A classic re-imagined in its in its finest. A velvety nose of fresh bergamot, lavender and vanilla serves up a fashionable encounter with a sparkling twist. This Botanically Cold Brewed™ Sparkling tea is set to excite your taste buds and soothe your senses.

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Expiry Date
20 Aug 2022