Daisy Margarine 480g


Give a more buttery taste to your baked goods. With BakePlus, it helps to increase cake and creaming volume.
Enriched with 9 vitamins, it is also ideal as a bread spread for growing children and families.

  • Cholesterol free

  • Application:
    Excellent for baking.
    Versatile for other different applications such as cooking, pan-frying, barbeque and roasting.

    Palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm fractions, sunflower oil, partially hydrogenated palm fraction, water, salt and vitamins. Contains permitted food conditioners (emulsifier - soya bean source), flavouring substances, antioxidants and colouring substances. All food additives are from plant, synthetics and animal origins.

    Contains soy

    Keep in cool and dry place

    Country Of Origin:

    Daisy Margarine with BakePlus is made for home bakers to give a fluffy and tasty result to the end product.