bio-home Dishwash Liquid - Lavender & Bergamot 900ml


Made from 100% plant-based active ingredients, it removes grease effectively yet gentle to your hands. Its unique fragrance is a key seller!

  • 5x more concentrated than regular detergents
  • Low suds, Easy rinse
  • Dermatologically tested, gentle on your skin

  • Application:
    Dispense one pump of dishwashing liquid on wet sponge. Wipe the dishes with sponge and rinse off with water. 

    15-30% Plant Derived Surfactants (Anionic, Non-ionic and Amphoteric), Fragrance, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal, Preservatives

    Keep bottle tightly capped and store away from heat and light.
    Store away from children.

    Country Of Origin:


    bio-home, an innovative, eco-friendly cleaning solution, was created with the objective of improving your family's wellness and awareness of saving the environment.
    - From Nature To Nature -