Dilmah Variety Tea Bags (2g x 20s)

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A variety pack containing 4 tea bags each of Vanilla, Lemon, Mango & Strawberry, Peach and Caramel flavoured Teas.

Vanilla: An elegant tea with the high grown Ceylon Single Region tea in perfect harmony with a light, creamy and fragrant vanilla flavour.

Lemon: A juicy lemon note with a touch of sweetness yields a mildly tangy and fragrant tea.

Mango & Strawberry: The marriage of tropical mango with ripe strawberry produces a gently aromatic tea with a complex and elegant nature. A calming and relaxing tea.

Peach: Juicy, with sweet and a tangy peach flavour, a balanced and lively tea.

Caramel: An aromatic tea with a touch of toffee. Deliciously indulgent, this is a pleasant, medium bodied tea with a rich taste profile.

Ceylon Black Tea with Vanilla (6%) Flavour, Ceylon Black Tea with Lemon (7%) Flavour, Ceylon Black Tea with Strawberry (4%) and Mango (2%) Flavours, Ceylon Black Tea with Peach (6%) Flavour, Ceylon Black Tea with Caramel (4%) Flavour

Store at room temperature

Country Of Origin:
Sri Lanka

Package Size:
40g (2g x 20s per pack - Foil Envelope)