Naturel Organic Spaghetti Pasta 500g

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Naturel Organic Spaghetti is made from 100% Italian durum wheat.The wheat undergoes traditional slow grinding and a long drying process which results in the pasta having a fuller taste with better mouth-feel. Use it as a substitute for your noodle dishes like Ramen!

  • Organic
  • Trans-fat free
  • Sodium free

  • Application:
    1. Proportion: one litre of water for 100g of pasta.
    2. Add salt to boiling water.
    3. Add pasta once the water reach the boiling point. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking. Cook uncovered according to suggested cooking time on the packet.
    4. Blanch with cold water, strain and serve with your favourite sauce.

    Recipes: Click here

    Organic durum wheat semolina, water

    Store in cool, dry place.

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