Naturel Organic Pasta Sauce - Tomato with Kale 340g

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Enjoy the hearty flavours of traditional Italian cooking with Naturel Organic Pasta Sauces. Following traditional recipes and using locally sourced organic tomatoes, our range of pasta sauces provides an authentic taste of Italy.

Naturel Organic Tomato with Kale Pasta sauce is made from fresh tomatoes and the popular superfood, Kale, for a heatlhy twist!

  • Organic Certified
  • Lower in Sodium and Saturated Fat
  • Trans Fat Free

  • Application :

    Heat sauce on stove top or in microwave, stirring occasionally.
    For a complete organic experience, serve with Naturel Organic Pasta.

    Recipes: Click here

    Tomato pulp*, tomato paste*, kale*, salt, garlic*, extra virgin olive oil*, brown sugar*, onion*, black pepper*. May contain traces of celery.

    * Organically grown


    May contain traces of celery

    Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within 4 days.

    Country Of Origin:

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