NooTrees Bamboo 2-ply Kitchen Towel (3 rolls x 60 sheets) - 1 pack / 3 packs

$8.75 $9.90

Velvety soft kitchen towels made with 100% pure virgin bamboo pulp that is free from BPA, dyes, chemicals and fragrance.

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Safe for direct food contact
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Pick-a-size perforation* to suit your needs

  • *60 sheets per roll, 22 x 23cm per sheet (based on size 2)


    100% bamboo pulp

    Safe for direct food contact


    Keep away from children to avoid suffocation and injury. As the packaging is made from biodegradable plastics, shrinking and colour change of packaging is a natural process.

    Country Of Origin:

    Do you know that more than 27,000 tress are cut down daily just to make toilet paper? Do your part and save the environment with Nootrees. Nootrees is a range of paper products made from bamboo pulp. Bamboo is known to be a renewable and sustainable source.