Pocari Sweat Ion Supply Drink 13g x 125 Sachets (Carton)

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POCARI SWEAT sachets are your hydration solution anytime, anywhere.

Suitable whenever you lose body fluid such as travel, exercise, outfield and flu.

High recommended beverage for athletes! 

Why is it important to rehydrate & replenish?
• Our bodies lose water and IONs inevitably
• When body fluid is lost, IONs such as natrium, magnesium, chloride also leave the body along with the fluid.
• Our body needs more than just plain water to balance the ION composition in our body.
• The human body cannot produce its own water and IONs, thus we need to get our intake from external means to maintain the balance of IONs in our body.
• ION imbalance may cause impairment of our body organs that can lead to injury, dehydration, even death.

Get your ideal hydration companion to support your performance at sports!

Mix POCARI SWEAT (13g) with cold water (200ml) and stir.

Store in a cool and dry place. 

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