Pocari Sweat ION Water - Less Sugar 500ml x 24 Bottles (Carton)

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Pocari Sweat ION WATER contains essential ions to keep your body hydrated longer than water.

Enjoy its light, refreshing taste even at room temperature.

Why is it important to rehydrate & replenish?
• Our bodies lose water and IONs inevitably
• When body fluid is lost, IONs such as natrium, magnesium, chloride also leave the body along with the fluid.
• Our body needs more than just plain water to balance the ION composition in our body.
• The human body cannot produce its own water and IONs, thus we need to get our intake from external means to maintain the balance of IONs in our body.
• ION imbalance may cause impairment of our body organs that can lead to injury, dehydration, even death.

Get your ideal hydration companion to support your performance at sports!

Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 3 days.
Do not freeze.

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